What our clients are saying

Carisa Cannan

Trainer, INVIDI

“Working with Jill has been a breath of fresh air and she’s a great sounding board. I am more confident in my choices, communications and leadership style. As a result, I successfully repositioned myself and landed a great new job where I am highly valued, challenged, and make a positive daily impact.”

Bill Covington

CTO, IO Integration

“I have worked with Jill for over a year on a number of Marketing projects and her knowledge and insight on Marketing is exceptional. She has also assisted greatly in optimizing business and best practices for areas related but not always thought of as Sales and Marketing.”

Shesh Chikkatur

SDRLC Founder and Ecommerce Leader

“I started working with Jill when I knew I was ready for a career transition. Through her encouragement and powerful questions, I gained valuable insight into my purpose and passion. I am now completely confident in my leadership and communication style, able to share my vision, values, and expertise with colleagues and management, and ready to hear theirs. If you want to make a career pivot, increase your visibility and responsibility, or land your dream job, I highly recommend you work with Jill.”

Stefanie Carver Finch

Chief of Staff & Head of Operations

“I loved having Jill as my mentor at Women Unlimited. Our group had a lot of fun and grew a lot. She coached me through a career pivot that has been my dream job and led to increased leadership roles and fantastic growth opportunities. I highly recommend Jill as a career and life coach. Why settle when you don’t have to? I am so glad I didn’t!”

Varsha Kanwar

Director CX, Cisco

“I have hosted events with Jill and really enjoyed coaching the same cohort at Women Unlimited together. Jill is very positive, energetic, and empathetic, which really puts people at ease. She offers direct, sage real-world advice mixed with humor and a coaching style that boosts confidence, motivates, and gets results. If you are ready to goto the next level and live your life with purpose, meaning and passion, you need to work with Jill.”

Lucinda Davidson

Sr. Marketing Mgr., Adobe

“Jill is a great listener and champion for unleashing your full potential. She helped me figure out a framework for evaluating a career pivot and how to discover my own true passion and purpose. Working with her gave me the confidence to pursue my dream job and let go of old ideas that held me back.”

Tina L.

Controller, KLA

“Working with Jill, I really changed my perspective on what my potential might be. She really saw me for who I am authentically, helping me find my voice and the confidence to go after what I want courageously. As a result, I am an excellent, direct communicator that just landed my dream job! If you want to get rid of self limiting beliefs and shoot for the stars, you need to work with Jill.”

Jason McClelland

CMO, Heroku Salesforce

“We invested in Ajillity’s Total Trust Leadership coaching because, as a high-trust company, we believe in our employees and strive to help them unleash their full potential together. The immersive program brought out the best in everyone, so our teams are on the path to becoming even more collaborative, productive, and successful.”

Katherine Hermans

Managing Director, Global Changemakers

“My coach Jill is simply amazing. She is super sharp and very empathic, really a beautiful and very helpful combination.”

Elaine Kueper

Global Director, Tripura Foundation

“Jill is fabulous. I’m so glad we connected!”