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Jason McClelland

CMO, Heroku Salesforce

“We invested in Ajillity’s Leadership coaching because, as a high-trust company, we believe in our employees and strive to help them unleash their full potential together. The immersive program brought out the best in everyone, so our teams are on the path to becoming even more collaborative, productive, and successful.”

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Total Trust Leadership

Executive Coaching

The Total Trust Leadership program is designed to cultivate personal growth and an abundance mindset. We collaborate with senior and aspiring leaders to help them think and act more effectively in complex, fast-paced organizations. One-on-one coaching plus virtual follow-on sessions lock in learnings that inspire real growth, change, and results.

Transform your team. Revitalize your career.

Discover how good leaders become great with Total Trust Leadership.

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Meet Jill

Jill Talvensaari is an inclusive workplace advocate and transformation catalyst. Her passion is helping leaders thrive and lead with confidence, find joy in life, and uplift their teams for lasting impact on their organization and community. As an Executive Leadership Coach with 20 years of experience guiding high-performance marketing, sales, and operations teams at start-ups and technology powerhouses alike, Jill has helped thousands of people get the results they want for their careers.

CEO, Leadership Coach, Inclusion Advisor

Meet Addy

Addy Roff is a strategist, team builder, and mentor with a passion for getting to the heart of what people want and then delivering it with impact — through compelling messaging, effective marketing programs, and transformative coaching. As a coach and mentor, she has helped hundreds of teams and individuals understand their motivations and identify their challenges — and then take concrete steps to unlock their power. No matter the engagement, Addy finds joy and purpose in synthesizing information, connecting dots, and bringing people together to achieve big goals. She holds coaching certifications in Positive Intelligence, Enneagram, and Cultural Transformation and earned her BS in Finance at Santa Clara University.

VP of Leadership Development, Life Coach

Meet Thaïs

Thaïs Yafet is a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant and Leadership Coach, with 15 years of experience creating safe spaces for people to be themselves. She’s held executive roles in fashion and skincare working across 55 different countries from the board room to the shop floor, creating collaborative workspaces that deliver. Her passion is helping people and organizations achieve their purpose, values and goals. She’s a certified Co-Active Coach trained by Coaches Training Institute (CTI) with a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certification from Yale and Northwestern Universities, and holds a BA from St. Mary’s College. Thaïs focuses on Positive Intelligence for organizational fitness defined by a culture of inclusion and accountability.

VP Global Diversity & Inclusion

Experience life front and center, not from the sidelines.

Here’s the thing: This is your life and it should be awesome! And you have the power within you to change it! It all begins with taking that first crucial step to get unstuck.

Have you ever felt unhappy in your job, burned out, longing for a different lifestyle, wanting more balance or to make a change? Sometimes we just get stuck because what got us here won’t get us there.

It’s time to live the life you always imagined and do the things you enjoy. Now. And, we are on a mission to help you change that!

We work with exceptional leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, and coaches like you to help you achieve higher performance, fulfillment, and sustainable success. We explode old myths and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being your best. Together, we break down any barriers and behaviors that are preventing you from achieving your dreams.

The thing is, when you make a choice that positively impacts your professional life, the effects trickle down. You find out that all areas in your personal life improve. You feel happier, more confident, motivated, unstoppable.

If you feel you might be ready take your life—and success—into your own hands, please take that first step.

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Engage with Ajillity to revitalize your business strategies, hone your leadership skills, or find marketing automation solutions that will scale your business, strengthen your team, and rise above the rest. Services include: Business strategy, leadership development, industry-leading behavioral assessments, change management, and martech advising.


People, processes, and technology

Business Strategy

Branding, positioning, product design, change management, and implementation

Leadership and Organizational Development

Total Trust Leadership™ , industry-leading assessments, team building and offsites

Executive Coaching

Senior execs, start-ups, career change, life transitions, legacy

MarTech Advising

Partner strategy, discovery audit, internal readiness, and digital transformation


Make a global impact


For community, social responsibility, diversity, equity & inclusion

Training Classes

Positive Intelligence, Put Your Mask on First, Human lifecycle of DAM, Design Thinking


Inspire compassion and connection


Keynotes, panels, facilitation


MasterClasses, Circle of 8, SMART connections


Total Trust Leadership™ workshops, Women Speak Tech, BAAM, UNConference